Firstly you need a piece of graph paper to draw out your design, if you do not have any of your own then please click here to print off a sheet.
To plan your ideal kitchen draw use the graph paper to draw the shape of the kitchen and mark anything that may be important on the plan. click here for  finished plan example

Carefully measure the room and write the dimensions of each wall on the plan.  Indicate precise positions and heights where appropriate. If any of these are not to be moved please mark them in red on the final plan.

Make sure you include these items on your plan, if appropriate:

Now you have your basic plan of your kitchen you can add in your new units and appliances. Use the squares on the graph page. Each small square on the graph paper represents  10cm so its easy to position your units and appliances. 

Now for the fun part you can make up your kitchen from the extensive range of units and appliances available from "Kitchens r' us" just click here
"Units at a Glance" to view the types and sizes available, or for guidance on end elevations and corner situations click relevant links:
unit end elevations and planning corner situations
Once you have completed your plan send it by post to Barry Green, c/o Kitchens r us, Unit 2, Britannia Road, Waltham Cross, Herts EN8 7NX  and we will send you a quotation within a few days. 

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